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Development of Property Investment in Turkey and Projects of Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting for Low Income Families

In the first half of the 2022, the property sales saw a hike in Turkey.  This happened when many countries were experiencing a substantial setback.  

During September, 19,089 houses were sold in Istanbul, which accounted for 16.8% of the nation-wide total housing sales. 

The investment flagship continues to sprawl even more significantly in different cities of Turkey.  A total of 726,000 house sales were closed in the first half of the current year, consisting of 517,000 second-hand houses and 208,000 new houses.  

Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting reorganized Nouria subsidiary, its representative in Turkish investment market, to reap these investment opportunities, giving offspring to the joint-stock companies, each of which independently engages in the projects.  

Board of Directors of Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting established a number of joint-stock companies for the property investments, each of which launched separate projects.  Shares of these companies were offered to the public, where investors can acquire stakes any of the companies which implement the project. 

With its property projects, Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting targets at reaching citizens in medium and low-income brackets, and accordingly, has offered its shares at low prices to the people in this bracket.  As a result, majority of the project shareholders is expected to include people in the low-income bracket.  

According to the data published by Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, 705,175 houses, in Turkey, were sold in the ten months of 2020, where the highest number of houses were sold in Istanbul, followed by Ankara and Izmir. 

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