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Nuriye Property Investment Ltd. Co. is a company specialized in property investments and a number of joint stock companies have been established under its roof. The company is established in October 2021 in line with the laws of Turkey and has been registered in the Turkish Companies’ Registry.
Nuriye Company is established as a company operating through share selling and shareholding system, and markets investment projects for profit.

Vision of company:

To provide distinguished services to its customers and businessmen, to identify for-profit investment projects in Turkey and to facilitate all related procedures.

Ownership structure of Nuriye limited company

Nuriye limited company is a subsidiary of Silsile Al Rowad which carries out activities such as construction and development services, well digging, mosque and shelter construction in Africa and Asia.The board of directors of Silsile Al Rowad decided to expand the structure of the company in 2021 and thus three more basic sectors with many different fields and services joined the company’s activities. Accordingly, the service sector was represented by Silsile Al Rowad, the real estate investment sector by Nuriye Company and the general investments sector by another company.

Companies under the umbrella of Nuriye Company:

Nuriye Company operates under the laws of Turkey and its head office is located in Turkey. A number of joint stock companies, each operating in a specific field, is established under the umbrella of the company.
Nuriye limited company started its activities with the establishment of Al Rowad Joint Stock Company, which is interested in the Vimall commercial complex project in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, and offered 500 shares to the market, 450 of which were sold, and Silsile Al Rowad Company became a partner in the project with 50 shares. Investors who have invested by buying shares have become shareholders of the joint stock company.
Nuriye Company established the Osama Joint Stock Company to purchase the land for the construction of the first phase of the Al Rowad housing project in the Yenişehir region of Başakşehir municipality.