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Istanbul Leads the Investment Projects, Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting Keeps a Close Eye on the Developments

City of Istanbul is the number one city in the property sales in Turkey, to such an extent that a whopping 2,705,175 properties were sold in the first ten months of 2022. 

As reported by Anatolian Agency, 274,552 properties were sold during October according to the public statement of Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. Property sales was led by the residential flats with 1,138,848 units. 

As a result of the extensive research on the economic conditions and future of the house acquisition in Istanbul, Silsilat Al-Rowad International Contracting launched a new project within Yenişehir region of the Başakşehir district, Istanbul, Turkey which addresses the needs of people in the low-income bracket.  

Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting established a new company, Osama Joint-Stock Co. for the project, and purchased the land in the Yenişehir region to build the project (first leg of the Al-Rowad Housing Complex).  

Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting will realize the housing complex project in two legs. Company established joint-stock companies which publicly offers their stocks at competitive prices so that middle and low income earners can also acquire them and partner with the companies. Project consists of two phases with the acquisition of the land as the first phase and construction of the housing complex as the second phase. 

As a result, Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting purchased land from the region, which overlooks the new Istanbul canal and the new marina, especially after the official opening of the canal, which will be considered an important transformation point in the history of real estate and investment marketing in Turkey. 

Osama Joint Stock Company offered 450 shares to its clients to become shareholders of the company. Company is expected to make a profit of at least 30% after the certificate is given to the shareholders by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce under the Law No. 6102. 

According to the statistics of the Turkish Ministry of Environment, Istanbul is the city with the highest property sales in Turkey with 329,057 property sales, followed by capital city Ankara with 169,965 properties, and Izmir with 137,213 properties.

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