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Development of Property Investment in Turkey and Projects of Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting for Low Income Families

In the first half of the 2022, the property sales saw a hike in Turkey.  This happened when many countries were experiencing a substantial setback.   During September, 19,089 houses were sold in Istanbul, which accounted for 16.8% of the nation-wide total housing sales.  The investment flagship continues to sprawl even more significantly in different cities…

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Istanbul Leads the Investment Projects , Silsilat Al-Rowad , Developments

Istanbul Leads the Investment Projects, Silsilat Al-Rowad Contracting Keeps a Close Eye on the Developments

City of Istanbul is the number one city in the property sales in Turkey, to such an extent that a whopping 2,705,175 properties were sold in the first ten months of 2022.  As reported by Anatolian Agency, 274,552 properties were sold during October according to the public statement of Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate…

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