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Osama construction and property development Joint Stock Company is established on July 5, 2022 under the laws of Turkey and is licensed under the umbrella of Nuriye Limited Şirketi, a subsidiary of Silsile Al Rowad.

Our vision

Your dreams will come true with us.

Properties of Osama Company:

Osama Joint Stock Company is established to own the land on which the giant project, known as the first phase of the Al Rowad housing complex project to be built in the Yenişehir region of Başakşehir municipality, will be implemented. The land, which has a view to Kanal Istanbul, has 23,150 decares and will witness huge investments in the coming years.

Osama Company has offered 450 shares to investors, and those who invest by buying shares will become partners in the company and will have a share in the profits in proportion to the value of shares they purchased.

Guarantees offered to the investor

The board of directors of Osama Joint Stock Company gives stock to each investor according to the value of the shares they have purchased. The responsibility of the investor is limited only to paying the value of the shares of which he is a partner, and the fulfillment of all administrative and legal responsibilities belongs to the board of directors of the company.

Why the Osama Company is founded

Under the slogan “Your dreams will come true with us”, this Osama Joint Stock Company has decided to build the first phase of the Al Rowad housing complex project on a land facing the new Istanbul canal in the Kayaşehir district of Başakşehir municipality in Istanbul, Turkey.

Osama Joint Stock Company has undertaken the management of the project in all its details, from the purchase and licensing of the land to the construction of all buildings and service additions of the housing project.

Osama Joint Stock Company received assistance from experts on canal Istanbul lands in the research of the project, thus trying to meet the needs of all investors in order to facilitate transactions, especially for investors from middle and low income levels.

The role of Osama Joint Stock Company in Al Rowad housing project

Al Rowad housing project is divided into several stages. The purchase of a land with an area of ​​23,150 decares is one of these stages. The value of the land is offered to investors as shares. This stage of the Al Rowad housing estate first phase project has been completed with the sale of the majority of the shares offered for sale.

Implementation stages of the project

Osama Joint Stock Company has divided the implementation of the project into different stages.

Stage 1
Land Acquisition

Silsile Al Rowad acquired the project land with an area of ​​23,150 decares, and then offered the shares to the investors via the Osama Joint Stock Company, and the sale of the majority of the shares publicly offered was completed.

Stage 2
Obtaining a development permit

Osama Company is working on converting the license of the land from agricultural land to development land. For this, a title deed was obtained from Başakşehir Municipality. The land purchased by the company for the project remains in the allotted area, which is under the development stage at the municipality, within the Yenişehir neighborhood. This area stretches from Küçükçekmece to Arnavutköy on both sides of the canal to be built. The Municipality has completed the plans of the Yenişehir District and made arrangements such as streets and residential areas, general service areas and transportation stations.

Stage 3
Project plans

Osama Joint Stock Company has completed all D2 and D3 project plans. The plans have been submitted to the municipality, awaiting to obtain the zoning permit. Within the plans, drawings were made as nine apartments in each building and several rooms in each apartment, as well as details such as a two-story commercial center, general landscape, service center connected to the site, swimming pool, gym and cafe.

Stage 4
Obtaining the building permit

After the presentation of the project plans to the municipality, the municipality approves the plans and gives the building permits within a period of approximately 6-7 months.

Stage 5

The construction process of the project takes approximately two and a half years in line with normal legal procedures. The project buildings, service facilities, swimming pools, landscaping areas, businesses and restaurants connected to the site will be completely completed by Osama Joint Stock Company.

Stage 6
Sale of flats

Stage 7
Profit distribution to shareholders

Each shareholder in the project will receive a share of the profits based on the value of the shares they have purchased.

Owner of first phase of Al Rowad housing project:

Osama Joint Stock Company is licensed in 2022 by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce under the Turkish Code of Commerce, and accordingly the first phase of the Al Rowad housing project will be implemented. This company is a subsidiary of Nuriye Limited Company, and Nuriye Limited is a member of Silsile Al Rowad company which, latter, is established in 2015, which has realized more than 50 thousand projects for public benefit around the world. Silsile Al Rowad is the parent company of joint stock companies that implement projects under the Nuriye Company in Turkey.

Land features of Osama Joint Stock Company:

  1. The Canal Istanbul project is located in the development area with a panoramic view of the canal and only 350 meters away.
  2. The project is located 600 meters from the Northern Marmara connection highway.
  3. The project land is 3 kilometers away the first bridge and 5 kilometers away the second bridge, with a direct view.
  4. The project is located only 1 km from Bahçeşehir villas.
  5. The land of the Al Rowad residential project is located just 2.3 kilometers from the new marina and has a direct view.
  6. The project land is close to the logistics networks and hubs.
  7. The land has a frontage of 55 meters to the main street. This shows that when the canal project comes to life, the prices of the land will increase many times over the current prices.
  8. The land is 14 kilometers from the new Istanbul Airport.
  9. It is within the 3rd Phase lands of Yenişehir region.

Partner of Osama Company

You can become a partner of the Osama Joint Stock Company by purchasing shares from the land value or the housing project and get a share of the profits as a company partner.

How can you become an investor with us?

In order to become an investor in Osama Joint Stock Company with us and to invest in Turkey, we need to submit the following documents and information;

  1. A passport translated and certified by the Turkish embassy in the country (translation and notarization of the passport), except for Turkish citizens presenting their identity card only.
  2. Submission of the investor’s criminal record in Turkey. The investor is not required to present a criminal record while outside the Turkish state.
  3. Investor’s email. The investor will be contacted exclusively via personal e-mail as the official communication mean.
  4. Investor’s phone number.
  5. Tax ID in Turkey, regardless of whether the investor resides in Turkey or abroad.
  6. Bank transfer, at the expense of Nuriye limited company, since it owns the joint stock companies.
  7. Legal power of attorney for the investor residing in Turkey or for the company itself if the investor resides outside the borders of Turkey.


The investor must submit the original copies of the necessary documents. This is because they will be submitted to the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey and cannot be signed electronically.

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